Best of 2018 #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet

If you use Twitter, you may have wondered why someone you follow randomly has a number of tweets with the same hashtag. Welcome to TweetMeets!

A TweetMeet is when people “meet” by tweeting with a specific hashtag during a designated time. Often questions are posted and you respond by using the letter A (for answer) and the question number. For example, Q1 What do you do? might be answered with A1 I work in technology and then the hashtag.

Coming up on December 18th, there is a MASSIVE TweetMeet that will be the perfect way to dip your toe in water, if you haven’t already. Microsoft Education hosts a TweetMeet once a month using the hashtag #MSFTEduChat with a different topic each time.

combined headshot of former #MSFTEduChat hosts, Tuesday, December 18th, 10am PST, 6pm GMT #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet, Topic: Best of 2018

December, however, is going to be special! Former #MSFTEduChat hosts have been invited back for a #Bestof2018 event. More than 140 former hosts are facilitating, inviting educators around the world. (Can you find K? Hint – check near #MSFTEduChat.)

The event will not only be in English, but 16 other languages! See the hashtags below for specific languages.

Topic: Best of 2018 #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet - Additional language tracks besides English: #TweetMeetES, #TweetMeetSR, #TweetMeetAR, #TweetMeetDE, #TweetMeetPL, #TweetMeetMK, #TweetMeetPT, #TweetMeetSV, #TweetMeetIT, #TweetMeetRO, #TweetMeetVI, #TweetMeetHI, #TweetMeetHE, #TweetMeetCS, #TweetMeetFR, #TweetMeetRU

During (or after) the event, search #MSFTEduChat on Twitter then click Latest for the most recent posts. Some prefer to use TweetDeck. Twitter has directions for using TweetDeck and you might find this YouTube tutorial by Marjolein Hoekstra helpful. She is one of the #MSFTEduChat organizers and an amazing OneNote guru! Find her on Twitter @OneNoteC.

It’s okay to lurk, but participating in the chat is SO MUCH BETTER!

“But what if I cannot log into Twitter at that time?” No problem! When you have time, search by #MSFTEduChat to add your thoughts to the conversations. A few times, I have been busy during the window so I go on later and type #MSFTEduChat and then Q1 or A1 to see the questions and answers. Then Q2 and A2, etc.

You can also learn more on the Microsoft Education blog. Hopefully you will be able to join us!