Fun Tech Tips for #TechorTreat!

Last year on Twitter, K posted a series of tweets for Tech or Treat with tech ideas for October. Below is the collection:

Trading Card Creator#TechTip – For Halloween fun, have your students create trading cards of who they want to be: #Halloween #techortreat

Use Trading Card Creator year round for biography projects, studying historical figures, creative writing, Literature Week, etc.

Free Rice 2.0#TechTip #freerice One of my fav sites – Free Rice. Practice many subjects, all grade levels, feed hungry kids! #techortreat is free with difficulty levels that adjust based on if your answers are right or wrong. We’ve used this from elementary to high school students. For each right answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

Quizizz logo#TechTip #techortreat If you love Kahoot, check out @quizizz Slower speed, create memes, #formativeassessment

While our students love Kahoot, some struggle with looking up to the board to see the answer choices and then looking down to their device to answer. Quizizz puts the answer choices on the student screens AND the teacher’s.

pixel art tree in Excel OnlineMake Pixel Art on Excel – Stop Motion Animation See fun side of #MSExcel! Hubby used this to introduce columns! #techortreat Great video that students always enjoy!

In the tweet last year, there was a video tutorial link, but since then, we’ve posted our own video to YouTube with directions on how to introduce students to column and row sizing through pixel art.

KidRex search window - Safe Search for kids, by kids!KidRex! A kid friendly search engine. Inappropriate searches result in “Oops!” #techortreat #happyhalloween #techtip

KidRex is a great way to introduce young children to search engines. You also might want to check out MSN Kids. Open it in Microsoft Edge and click the book icon in the address bar to access reading view (no ads), read aloud (great for early readers), along with other Learning Tools. Read K’s accessibility OneNote about Edge here or this post from WindowsCentral.

We hope you enjoy these tips as much as we do! Happy Halloween! As always, a BIG thank you to Phillip Martin and his clipart. He provides thematic clipart free for teachers for NON-commercial purposes. (G and K make no money on this blog, but are happy to share what we’ve learned with others!)

logos or images for Trading Card Creator,, Quizizz, Excel Pixel Art, and KidRex search engine
Trading Card Creator, FreeRice, Quizizz, Excel Pixel Art, and KidRex search engine